Santa Cruz Bike Party is a mobile party for riders of all ages, experience levels, and types to meet, ride, and play together in the streets. Rides are 7-10 miles long with music and dance breaks alng the way. Rides move at a relatively slow pace and no one is left behind. Each ride has a theme and riders are encouraged to wear costumes or decorate their bikes to fit the theme.


SC Bike Party starts at Depot Park. The route is not the same every time, but each month organizers will post the route online ahead of time in case anyone misses the start and wants to catch up.


Once per month, all year long. We meet at 7pm every second Friday of the month. Rides usually leave about 7:15 and last about 2 hours.


The atmosphere of the SC Bike Party is fun, friendly, welcoming, and safe. Our goal is to celebrate cycling and build community, not to cause conflict with car drivers. Please help us maintain a positive and safe atmosphere by keeping in mind the following guidelines:
– Stay to the Right / Stop at Lights – This is not Critical Mass. Please stay to the right on 2-lane roads, or in the right lane on larger roads.
– Ride Straight – Please help avoid crashes by riding predictably, without any sudden turns or stops.
– Don’t Hate – Please roll past any conflict that might present itself during the ride.
– Pack your Trash – Bike partiers aspire to leave party stops in better condition than we found them.
– Don’t Get Smashed – Riding while inebriated poses a danger to yourself and others. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone else by overdoing it.


Lights – Rides are at night, so let’s make sure to be visible.
Locks – No bikes have been stolen from the SC Bike Party, but during breaks better to be safe than sorry.
Layers – As we all know Santa Cruz evenings can get damp and chilly.
Water, snacks – Our stops are not always near stores, so best to bring what you need.
Tube, patch kit, pump, tools – The ride is unsupported; please come prepared.

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