The Bikeoneers Ride! Friday, April 8th – 7pm

bikeoneersFriday, April 8th at 7pm

Meets at the Bike Church (703 Pacific Ave – enter on Spruce)

>>>>>>>>>>Tonight’s Route<<<<<<<<<<<<

Route: Start @ 703 Pacific. Rt. on Pacific. On to SC Municipal Wharf. Out to end. Back towards land. Rt. on Beach. On to San Lorenzo Riverway Bike Path.

To Laurel Extension. Lft. on Spruce. Rt. on Pacific. Rt. on Cooper. Through TJ’s parking lot. Cross San Lorenzo River to ped bridge. Left @ SL Park on SL River Bike Path.

Left at Hwy 1 Bike/Ped bridge. Left on SL Riverway. Stop at Ross for DANCE break.

Through parking lot. Lft. on River St. Rt. on N. Pacific to Pacific. Rt. Church. Left alley.

Take alleys to Logo’s parking lot. Lft. Cathcart. Right Pacific. Through the roundabout on to W. Cliff Dr. West Cliff to light house. Regroup.

West Cliff to Natural Bridges State Park. Rt. on Swanton Blvd. Rt. on Delaware. Lft. on Swift. Rt. on Ingalls. Stop at Swift Street Courtyard for regroup.

Head back to downtown on Delaware. End at 703 Pacific Ave. Fin!


Bicycle + Pioneers = Bikeoneers!!!

Who are your favorite bicycle-riding modern or historical change makers? Did they have the Wright stuff, like the famous bros who self-funded their flight experiments via their bike shop income? Were they the original fastest men and women alive like Major Taylor, the first african american professional cyclist, or Alfonsina Strada, the only woman to ever race in the Giro d’Italia? Or are they a more modern breed, like Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, or Ayesha Rosena Anna McGowan?

Dress up as one of these bicycling bad@$$es, or one of your choosing… or help us recognize some of our favorite heroes and heroines via an collective art project (more info to cfollow). It is time to celebrate our Bikeoneers – that’s to say revolutionary bicycle riding pioneers of all stripes.

We are hosting Bikeoneers to gear up for the UCSC Bioneers Conference later in the month. UCSC Bioneers is a satellite of the amazing Bioneers national conference in October.

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