FANGS-GIVING – Friday, November 13th

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Ride leaves from 703 Pacific Ave – The Bike Church (entrance on Spruce Street).

Left on Pacific. Left on Locust. Left on Cedar. Left on Lincoln.

Right at Alley. Left on Cathcart. Right on Pacific. Pacific through various roundabouts to the SC Municipal Wharf. End-o-the-Wharf for dancing shenanigans.

Land-ward to Westcliff. Round the roundabout and up the hill. Westcliff to Lighthouse. Quick regroup.

Westcliff to Natural Bridges. Quick regroup in parking lot.

Swanton Blvd to Delaware. Right on Delaware. Left on Swift. Right on Ingalls.

Left into Swift Street Courtyard. Dancing and promenading.

Ingalls to Fair. Right on Fair. Left on Delaware. Right on Bay.

Left on Westcliff. Beach street bike way to levee. Levee path to Spruce St. Spruce to Bike Church

(or one more time through downtown)

Creepy creatures – monsters of mischief and mayhem, wicked werewolves, vicarious vampires, we give thanks for you! Tis the season for embracing our darker aspects as the nights get longer and winter (hopefully) arrives. Halloween is SC Bike Party’s favorite holiday, but it’s over in the blink of a blood-shot eyeball.

But then, that’s what FangsGiving is for: half way between All Hallows Eve and Turkey Day, and only celebrated when there is a Friday the 13th in November. The next one isn’t till 2020, so let’s mash like monsters!

So, don’t put away your costumes quite yet, and grab those bike lights, cause daylights savings is but a fading memory. BIKE PARTEEE!

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