Friday the 13th Superstitions ride – October 13th 2023

You’re in luck! Friday the 13th of October just so happens to correspond with Santa Cruz Bike Party. It’s a very superstitious ride, so grab those lucky charms, black cat ears, horseshoes, …ladders? …broken mirrors? (maybe not that last one?) you get the idea… and join us for our monthly pedal powered promenade.

We’ll also have a very special family-friendly Bike Party meeting at 5:30pm (also at Depot) and riding to a free screening of the bike documentary Motherload at the Gazelle Experience Center on Swift. Some will stay for the screening, and some will pedal back to meet up with the 7pm ride.

Bike Party is happening EARLIER at 5:00 pm, roll at 5:30 pm this October 13th, and will have two options after the pre-ride:

We’ll be showing a super cool movie about biking with cargo, the history of the women’s movement, and bicycling afterward. And it’s all FREE, thanks to Gazelle đŸ™‚ The pre-ride will end at Gazelle for the screening, starting at 7:00 pm

If you want to get your superstition on we will have a route from Gazelle back to Depot Park for the start of SCBP at 7:00 pm

So please, whip out your smartphones and help promote the hell out of this event. In other words, please help spread the word and bring your friends and family to some biking fun.

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