Halloween (in the rain) Ride!

Friday, October 14th, 7pm @ 703 Pacific Ave. (the Bike Church)

Come out for an epic Halloween Bike Ride SC Bike Party Style! If you are like us, Halloween is your favorite holiday, and you take it pretty seriously. You start thinking about your costume a few months out, and you keep it under wraps as the day grows closer, because you do not want to dilute your conceptual genius before the big reveal. Relax. It’s OK you don’t have your epic costume dialed yet – this is a half-assed Halloween pre-celebration, because, why not?!?

So, recycle your costume from last year, or dig in the back of the closet to see what you find. Bring some extra costume parts to share – who knows what might come of it? Biking glam vikings? Ninja rainbow pegasus unicorns? Trust us, it will be fun!

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