Lunar Love Ride

When the moon hits your eye…It’s amore!

Tonights Route:



Ride leaves from 703 Pacific Ave – The Bike Church (entrance on Spruce Street).

Head East on Spruce. Right on Front Street.

Right on Pacific. Left on Church. Left on Cedar. Left on Cathcart.

Right on Pacific. Head towards traffic circles.


Head onto Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. End of wharf.


*** First Stop: End of Wharf for dance break/rest stop ***


Head back on wharf. Go to traffic circle. Left towards Westcliff. Onto Westcliff bike path.

Follow to lighthouse. Lighthouse regroup.


Follow Westcliff path to Natural Bridges. Regroup in parking lot.


Head left on Swanton Blvd. Right on Modesto. Left on Auburn Ave. Right on Woodland Way.

Left on Derby path. Follow path into Derby Park. Quick break/regroup. Back out onto Woodland. Right on San Jose. Left onto Modesto. Left onto Swift.


Right on Ingalls. Left into Swift Street Courtyard.


*** second Stop: Swift Street Courtyard. ***


Out on Ingalls. Right on Fair. Left on Westcliff.

Follow Westcliff back to Pacific. Loops on Pacific as needed.
End at 703 Pacific Ave.


Some said it was lunacy to have a swoony Bike Party before love day, under a full moon, but we here at SCBP are moon lovers, and luna-fanatics. So come join us for a lunar trip, cycling to sweet tunes and the cycles of the moon. Along the way, we will build co-moon-ity, moonwalk, howl at the man in the moon, and eat some moon pies.

In our beach town, the sun gets a lot of love, and holds the center stage for a number of our favorite activities, so we thought we would direct the spotlight on earth’s sister sphere for this ride. The moon does a lot for us, particularly in Santa Cruz – we ride her tides, go on night hikes under her light, and generally enjoy gazing at her radiant face. Some say life on earth might not have evolved without our stalwart satellite!

Here are some COSTUME IDEAS: Moon boots, disco balls, antennae, astronaut gear, silver sparkles, crescents, cows (over the moon!), hearts, and whatever helps you express your swoony loony moony you. As always @ Bike Party, costumes are encouraged, but not required.

Tonight is the right night to embrace the full moon, with love by your side, and those sweet moon crooners. Sweeping through streets with the moon hanging low. A romantic adventure for more love to grow. Pedal your way into the heart that you seek and let “BIKE PARTY!” be the words that you speak!

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