March Madness Ride: Friday, March 10th 7pm

Bike Partiers: the ides of March are fast approaching, and everyone knows what that means: a madness of excitement about competitive sporting events. Whether you are partial to basketball, boxing, or badminton, we encourage you to come decked in sports attire.

Santa Cruz Bike Party is a mobile party for riders of all ages, experience levels, and types to meet, ride, and play together in the streets. Events are held on the 2nd Friday of each momth, starting at 7pm at the Bike Church.

Rides are 7-10 miles long with music and dance breaks along the way. Rides move at a relatively slow pace and no one is left behind. Each ride has a theme and riders are encouraged to wear costumes or decorate their bikes to fit the theme.

The atmosphere of the SC Bike Party is fun, friendly, welcoming, and safe. Our goal is to celebrate cycling and build community, not to cause conflict with car drivers. See you in the streets!

Tonight’s route:

Meet at 7pm at the Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave. Roll out about 7:15.
Head south on Pacific, down to the ocean and east on Beach St to the end. Take levee path back around to Laurel Extension, which drops down onto Spruce St.
Right on Pacific, Right on Cooper, through some parking lots and take the pedestrian bridge into San Lorenzo Park. From there, head out to Soquel, which we’ll follow up the hill and then Right on Pine St.
From Pine, Right on Seabright, Left on Murray, and Right on Lake Ave into the Harbor. Our first break is by the beach at the beginning of East Cliff.
After the break, continue east on East Cliff to 17th Ave, make our way up to Brommer, head west and then through Arana Gulch. Follow Broadway back into town, and right on Pacific for another pass through downtown.

Ride ends back at the Bike Church.

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