Prom Ride! Friday, May 10th 7pm

SC Bike Party invites you our legendary Prom Ride!

Bike Prom Route:

Ride leaves from 703 Pacific Ave – The Bike Church (entrance on Spruce Street).

Left on Pacific. Left on Locust. Left on Cedar. Left on Lincoln.

Right at Alley. Left on Cathcart. Right on Pacific. Pacific through various roundabouts to the SC Municipal Wharf. End-o-the-Wharf for dancing shenanigans.

Land-ward to Westcliff. Round the roundabout and up the hill. Westcliff to Lighthouse. Quick regroup.

Westcliff to Natural Bridges. Quick regroup in parking lot.

Swanton Blvd to (stop at the Derby skate park for a hot minute) Delaware.

Go swiftly to Swift! Then, into Swift Street Courtyard.

Quick re-group – Dancing and promenading.

Ingalls to Fair. Left on Fair, Right on Mission (stay on the right y’all!)

Take mission to Cycle Works for lights, dancing, prom! Snacks! Yasss!

When ever’s clever – cruise back to the downtown area, and bedazzle the ppls with our finery

Bring those snazzy duds, twinkly lights, and your best dancing shoes! Bring a bike and a date (tho your bike could definitely be your date), and get ready for a funky fun night of prom-tacular bike-splosions! No matter whether you had a blast at prom, were too cool for school, or had the worst time ever, this will be AMAZING!
We’ll meet at 7pm at the Bike Church (703 Pacific Ave.). JUMP will be on hand with some reserved bikes for bike-partiers and last-minute impromptu promenaders. We’ll paint the town a proverbial red, and bedazzle the folks of downtown, then wend our way westward for the sunset colors off the bike path on West Cliff. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of dance breaks. We’ll eventually end up at Cycle Works, where the dance party will really get going, and Stirling and the crew will reenact the prom scene from Rad (The Movie). Bike Party Lights will be on hand to give out door prizes (free color changing wheel lights!), and refreshments will be served.

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