The Santa Cruise! 7pm Dec 8th

Friday, December 8th

7pm – 703 Pacific Ave.

Ride leaves at 7:15pm

Tonight’s Route: The Santa Cruise Bike Party
Ride leaves from 703 Pacific Ave – The Bike Church (entrance on Spruce Street).
Head East on Spruce. Right on Front Street.
Right on Pacific. Left on Church. Left on Cedar. Left on Cathcart.
(perhaps ONE MORE TIME?!)
Right on Pacific. Head towards traffic circles.
Head onto Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. End of wharf.
*** First Stop: End of Wharf for dance break/rest stop ***
Head back on wharf. Go to traffic circle. Left towards Westcliff. Onto Westcliff bike path.
Follow to lighthouse. Lighthouse regroup.
Follow Westcliff path to Natural Bridges. Regroup in parking lot.
Head left on Swanton Blvd. Right on Modesto. Left on Auburn Ave. Right on Woodland Way.
Left on Derby path. Follow path into Derby Park. Quick break/regroup. Back out onto Woodland. Right on San Jose. Left onto Modesto. Left onto Swift.
Right on Ingalls. Left into Swift Street Courtyard.
*** second Stop: Swift Street Courtyard. ***
Head back towards downtown. Do a lap or two through downtown.


Hey elves! What up santas? Howdy reindeer! Hola Grinches…

It’s time for Santa Cruz Bike Party’s Santa Cruise! It doesn’t matter where you fall on the x-mas spectrum, from anticapitalist to glued to the holiday tunez, this ride is for you! Dress in your holidaze finery, go all gothy and Tim Burton, embrace the eclectic and bizarre, or the straight up traditionalist – all are welcome!

But lights, lots of lights! Decorate the heck out of yourself and your ride. Prizes for best costumes and most twinkly riders.

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