So Fly July Ride – 7/12

Join us Friday, July 12th at 7pm at 703 Pacific Ave (the Bike Church). Route posted day of the ride.

Tonight’s route:

Head north on Pacific Ave

Left on Locust

Left on Cedar

Left on Cathcart

Left on Pacific

Right on Cooper

Right on Front

Immediate left into TJ’s parking lot

Straight to cross River St S onto west side of Levee Path

North on Levee Path (San Lorenzo River Walk)

Stop at Ross/Petsmart Exercise Area for Regroup

Across ped/bike bridge, on east side levee path

Stop at courthouse

Courthouse to San Lorenzo 

Right on Soquel

Right on Pacific

Left on Locust

Left on Cedar

Left on Cathcart

Right on Pacific

Pacific to roundabouts

Onto west ciff

Break at the Lighthouse

Ride to Natural Bridges

Ride to Swift Street Courtyard


Ride to back down town – end @ La Biciglesia!!!!

Who hasn’t wanted to take to the skies and soar? As avid cyclist Robin Williams once said, “riding a bike is the closest you can get to flying,” and we tend to agree. So all you fly folx, grab your finest duds, your wackiest wings (or wing-like things), and join us for So Fly July, a night of bicycle-based community building, with music and dance breaks along the way.

We’ll soar through SC like a flock of funky flamingos, migrate along the coast like a pelican peloton, and cruise the Cruz as only Bike Party does.

As always, costumes and bicycle bedazzlement are highly encouraged, but by no means required. So, come shake a tail feather with birds (and other winged wonders) of a feather.

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