The Black Death Ride – Friday, August 13th 2021, 7pm

Hey Bike Partiers, time to dust off the old party-mobile and shine up your party bike-shoes, because Santa Cruz Bike Party is back!

But before we tell you about this month’s ride theme, a few important notes:

1. Santa Cruz Bike Party needs more leaders. For all these years, it’s been organized almost entirely by just two people, who aren’t able to give as much now as they used to. If you want to see SC Bike Party stay around, please consider volunteering.

It isn’t a big time commitment, but the crucial thing is being regular and reliable. FB message us or email for details.

2. If you are not vaccinated against COVID-19, you MUST wear a mask, covering your entire nose and mouth. Although outdoor transmission is rare, an event like this keeps us in close quarters, and breathing hard as we ride.

Therefore, there is some risk, and so we ask that you take this request seriously. If you come unvaccinated and unmasked, may the wind be always in your face, and your tires ever-flat.

The Black Death Ride

Party people, it has been a long time! Thinking back through the mists of time on our last event, it seems as if we were riding in a different world entirely.

Those trials and travails that plagues inflicted on the ancients, in some small part have come to haunt our present generation. So it is with a mix of mourning and relief that we arrive here, a year and a half into the worst pandemic in a century, eager to come out of isolation, and yet still haunted by the specter of disease and death (not to mention stupidity).

Lest our ride itself bring more death, please make your steeds well-illuminated. But if you feel so inspired to dress for the occasion, if you are unable to outfit yourself as a Plague Doctor or a flea-infested rat, it will suffice to simply wear black.

Meet outside the Bike Church on Spruce St by Pacific. Head south on Pacific to Beach St, then take the path along the river back into downtown.
By the Chinese Dragon sculpture, head through the parking lot and wind our way through to Walnut Ave, up the hill and left on California.
By Bay and California, we’ll try taking Bike Party on the rail trail path. Please be courteous and stay to one side to make space for other cyclists and pedestrians.
At Natural Bridges, head towards the coast. Then follow West Cliff back to town, stopping for a dance break by the lighthouse.
From there, return to our starting point, with possible detour out the wharf, and/or taking some passes through downtown.

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