The GOLD Ride – Friday, January 8th at 7pm

Mr. T & Me!

Happy New Year! For the first SCBP of 2016, we are celebrating everything golden: SC’s recent Gold rating as a Bike Friendly Community, Golden Girls, gold clothes, gold teeth, golden oldies, copious amounts of fake gold jewelry, you name it! So, bring your golden fleece, gold medals, and golden twinkly lights.

Per usual, meet us at the Bike Church at 7pm. We’ll ride from there. For more info, see our ABOUT page. Route posted the day of the ride… but it’ll be fun!

Mr. T says: I pity the fool who doesn’t go for the gold with SCBP!


The route:

Ride leaves from 703 Pacific Ave (the Bike Church).

Left on Pacific. Left on Locust

Left on Cedar. Left on Birch Lane (by Bagelry)

Left on Pacific. Right on Cooper. Right on Front St.

Left through Trader Joe’s parking lot. Cross River St. South.

Left onto San Lorenzo River Path. Follow to Ross/CostPlus exercise zone.


*** First Stop: Exercise Area of Awesomeness! ***


Back onto San Lorenzo River Path. Left on pedestrian bridge by Ross.

Right on east SL River Path. Follow to San Lorenzo Park.

Take pedestrian bridge back over river. Left on west SL River Path.

Follow to Beach Street. Onto Beach Street Bike Way.

Left onto Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. End of wharf.


*** Second Stop: End of Wharf for dance break/rest stop ***


Head back on wharf. Pacific to roundabout by Depot Park. Left towards Westcliff. Onto Westcliff bike path.

Follow to lighthouse. Lighthouse regroup.

Follow Westcliff path to Woodrow. Right on Woodrow. Right on California. Left at Bay.

Right on California. Right on Walnut.

Rt. on Cedar. Left on Cathcart. More loops on Pacific???

Back to 703 Pacific.


*** Fin!***

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