The Rides of March – March 8, 2024

As spring approaches, we celebrate the (R)ides of March! The great mother awakens during the first lunation of new year as we anticipate the coming of longer, warmer days…and (hopefully) the fall of tyrants.

On the Ides is held the jovial feast of Anna Perenna not far from the banks, O Tiber, who comest from afar. The common folk come, and scattered here and there over the green grass they drink, every lad reclining beside his lass. Some camp under the open sky; a few pitch tents; some make a leafy hut of boughs. Others set up reeds in place of rigid pillars, and stretching out their robes place them upon the reeds. But they grow warm with sun and wine, and they pray for as many years as they take cups, and they count the cups they drink.


– When – 7:00pm, March 8 and every 2nd Friday
– Where – @ Depot Park (Santa Cruz, CA)
– Who – you, your self / partner(s), friends, acquiantances, strangers you met on the way over, your bike, some lights,

Attire: togas, togos, bloody togas, gogo boots, animal skins, or dressed as your favorite Roman statue


And of course there will be music and dancing. IG @santa_cruz_bike_party

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