The Spring Fling Ride – Friday, March 13th 7pm

Our dear bicycle friends, let us rejoice in the beauty of springtime. The sap runs strong in trees long resting for winter. The tender blossoms of the apricot tree are unfolding with their delicious fragrance. Fields of oxalis shine forth with sulfurous brilliance.

The physical Santa Cruz winter may have been gentle, but may this cycle of regrowth and renewal also melt the icy darkness that we so often carry in our hearts. Come, my friends, uplift your spirit with this wondrous ritual of collective bike riding and music.

Tonight’s Route:

Bike Party is definitely on, route posted below.

But per the CBDC (center for bicycle disease control) guidelines, best practice is to remain one bike’s distance away and don’t be touching other people’s handlebars!

Meet at The Bike Church (703 Pacific) at 7pm, roll out at 7:15.
Head south on Pacific Ave,East on Beach StFollow the levee path to San Lorenzo ParkEast on SoquelRight on PineRight on SeabrightLeft on MurrayRight on Lake down into the Harbor

Dance break by the traffic circle at the start of East Cliff

Head up 7th to Brommer,Left onto the Arana Gulch bike pathFrom the path, take Broadway back into downtownRight on Pacific for a victory lap downtown
Ends back at the Bike Church, 703 Pacific

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