Thriller Ride – Friday, October 13th

  • TONIGHT’S ROUTE: (subject to change if air quality is bad)
  • Ride leaves from 703 Pacific Ave – The Bike Church (entrance on Spruce Street).
    Left on Pacific. Left on Church. Left on Cedar. Left on Cathcart.
    (perhaps ONE MORE TIME?!)
    Right on Pacific. Head towards traffic circles.
    Head onto Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. End of wharf.
  • *** First Stop: End of Wharf for dance break/rest stop ***
    Head back on wharf. Go to traffic circle. Left towards Westcliff. Onto Westcliff bike path.
    Follow to lighthouse. Lighthouse regroup.
    Follow Westcliff path to Natural Bridges. Regroup in parking lot.
    Head left on Swanton Blvd. Right on Modesto. Left on Auburn Ave. Right on Woodland Way.
    Left on Derby path. Follow path into Derby Park. Quick break/regroup. Back out onto Woodland. Right on San Jose. Left onto Modesto. Left onto Swift.
    Right on Ingalls. Left into Swift Street Courtyard.
  • *** second Stop: Swift Street Courtyard. ***
    Party! Depart as needed, and we will ride back downtown with whoever is down.

It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking In the dark
Under the moonlight you see a bike that almost stops Your heart
You try to scream (Bike Party!), but terror takes the sound before You make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes, You’re paralyzed

‘Cause this is thriller, THRILLER RIDE!
Friday the 13th, 7pm at the Bike Church!

…Darkness falls across the land
The 7pm hour is close at hand
Creatures ride in search of jams
To cruise through y’all’s neighborhood!

Santa Cruz Bike Party is a mobile party for riders of all ages, experience levels, and types to meet, ride, and play together in the streets. Rides are 7-10 miles long with music and dance breaks along the way. Rides move at a relatively slow pace and no one is left behind. Each ride has a theme and riders are encouraged to wear costumes or decorate their bikes to fit the theme.

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