¡Winged Fling!


“It’s the closest you can get to flying.” -Robin Williams (on cycling)
Tonight’s Route:

Meet at the Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave. Head right on Pacific.

Left on Beach St to the end, up on the levee for a few blocks until Spruce.

From Spruce, turn right on Pacific. Next, right on Cooper and across Front through to TJ’s parking lot to San Lorenzo River pedestrian bridge. Regroup in San Lorenzo park.

Rt. on Dakota. Lft. on Soquel. Rt. on Pine. Rt. on SeaBright. Left on East Cliff.

Rt. at Harbor. Stop at harbor by Palomar for break. Ride through east side of Harbor to Arana Gulch Bike Path.

On to Brommer. Right on Cayuga. Left on Soquel. Right on Doyle. (regroup at Whole Foods).

Back on Doyle. Right on N. Branciforte. Left on Water. Regroup at Town Clock.

Down pacific, side streets, back to 703 Pacific Ave.

Go out on a wing, and join SC Bike Party for a ride for the birds… and the bees. Flight and bicycles just go together – we feel free as a bird coasting down hill, we soar along west cliff, and we huff and puff up hills so we can fly down from on high.
Plus, it was the Wright Brothers, bike mechanics, who build the first functional self-ropelled aircraft. So, get out those wings (bird, angel, fairy, steam punk, etc.) or propeller hats, or jet packs, or squirrel suits, and let’s flock together like birds of a feather.

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